About Us
Borgos Resort and Spa is perched at the fringe of the iconic Kaziranga National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) that is famous for housing two-thirds of the world’s population of one-horned rhinos. ‘Borgos’ is the Axomiya word for ‘banyan tree’. The banyan has historically been a symbol of ancient wisdom and eternal life, and the resort takes pride in having the most number of banyan trees in Assam. Borgos is a sanctuary with a soul that derives its serenity from its surroundings. Adorned with Assamese architecture, and complete with world-class amenities, we make sure you’re at leisure in nature’s lap.
A Message from Borgos
Borgos has been envisaged as a loving tribute to the alluring flora and fauna that surround it. We consciously believe that it is of utmost importance to act responsibly and respectfully towards the environment and preserve the pristine jungle that surrounds the resort. Borgos is our labor of love, each tree in the resort tended to lovingly over the span of a decade. Our aim is to create a deep appreciation and respect in our guests for the beauty that surrounds them, and of the culture it is embedded in.